His Battles Are Over...

His battles with the demon of addiction are over...
Ours will continue on
Our son David left this world on June 26th 2013, just hours before his 21st birthday. He died from an overdose of Opana. He was using pharmaceutical pain killers, as well as heroin and cocaine. His addiction took less than two years to take his life.
David was a talented musician. He began learning to play guitar at the age of 12 and was passionately dedicated to the art of music. He was a good kid who made one very bad choice, a choice that once made can never be unmade, opening the door to a demon who is humanly impossible to evict once it is within you.
Here is a brief video entitled "The Loss" that addresses our pain as a family. 
I am not a religious man ( though I do identify myself as a Christian), but I am intently spiritual, evermore so since the night I looked upon my son's lifeless body. For as smart as I thought I was, for all the wisdom I thought I had gained in this life, I knew nothing about how to move forward from that terrible night. On the night of his 21st birthday, with his body lying in a morgue in Nashville, Tennessee, I prayed to God and begged Him to show me day by day what to do, how to find joy, happiness, peace.
What He has shown me in these last nearly three years, is that when an person is truly seeking to break free from the demon of addiction, if they are given the proper opportunity to exposing themselves to God's love and God's Word, they can and are healed. I have seen that which was dead be brought back to life. I have seen that which was broken, fully and masterfully repaired. Most importantly, God has shown me, within a few weeks of David's passing, exactly what I am to do, so that through our work at Brother Doc's Beef Jerky as well as other family owned and operated business interests, He will provide such opportunities.
I am looking forward to a scouting trip to a possible location for part of our Rivers and Ranches Program. A lake in Alabama where we hope to begin our "Rivers" operation within the next 18 months or so.
The scouting ride is slated for tomorrow with an overnight camp on the Coosa River tomorrow night. Will be posting pictures and perhaps some video on our Facebook Page. Find us and give us a like at our Facebook Page and share us with your friends. Every bag we sell, whether it is through our brick and mortar store in Clarksville or through our online store at www.BrotherDocs.com, is helping us get one step closer to serving people with something they desperately need.... Love.