Brother Doc has cut the prices!



This is something that we have been discussing at Brother Doc's Holy Smokes Beef Jerky for the last several days.
As I said, we are a new and growing business and we are learning as we go. We set the price originally at $8.99 each so we could afford to offer our LOCAL STORE customers the option to buy three bags and get a fourth bag free, bringing the actual per bag price down to just $6.75 when customers take advantage of the special. I think you will agree that $6.75 is indeed a VERY competitive price for what is truly ARTISAN LEVEL JERKY.
Well, Shopify is the platform we use for our online store and we have not figured out how we can get the platform to let us set up such a special for online customers. So guess what?
We are dropping our prices online TODAY! You want to know the best part. It isn't a sale or a special. Its just straight up the best price we can give you online. We are going to drop he price to $6.99 per three ounce bag! The average price per ounce for CRAP jerky is $2.50 per oz. We are coming in at $2.33 per oz!

The changes have been made and you can now enjoy The BEST BEEF JERKY at the BEST PRICES!