Brother Docs Beef Jerky presents the Brother Doc's BIG BOX!

We are pleased to announce that after numerous requests for some kind of assortment packages, we have released today the "Brother Doc's BIG BOX" Collection. Three different flavor assortments with discounted pricing (only $5.99 per bag) and FREE SHIPPING!
The Brother Doc's BIG BOX is the perfect gift! Who doesn't love beef jerky! Twelve Days of Christmas, twelve bags of Brother Doc's Beef Jerky! Now that is how you do the holidays!

In other news...
Last month we closed our brick and mortar store on Riverside Drive. We are now focusing our attention in wholesale distribution as well as promotional events and of course our online store. Thank you all for your continued support. Look for a post soon listing the retail outlets where you can now buy Brother Doc's Beef Jerky as we grow our market here in Middle Tennessee and beyond.